50% decrease in curtailment thanks to INCREASE!

The INCREASE solution leads to a 50% decrease in curtailed renewable energy!

An efficient utilization of the existing cables is a prerequisite to achieve a high share of renewable-based generation units at minimal cost. The electrical energy grid comprises of three phases which are used to exchange electrical power with the end consumer. The houses are commonly connected in the low voltage grid to one phase of the three phases. Ideally, the same power should flow in the three phases but in reality this is never the case.

This is caused because for the DSO it is impossible to know to which phase the end consumer is connected and because the different consumers exchange different powers. This leads to voltage unbalance due to unequal division of electrical power between the three phases.

In INCREASE, we developed a three-phase four-wire inverter that injects power from the renewable sources so that the balance of power between the three phases is restored. If the amount of power injected in the grid keeps increasing, the voltage in the grid will become too high and the power will need to be curtailed to prevent the overvoltage. Overvoltages are detrimental for certain grid-connected appliances. The classical inverter does not distribute the power between the three phases to decrease the voltage unbalance and when the voltage increases a certain threshold, power is curtailed.

Following first simulations done comparing the INCREASE solution to the classical solution, the INCREASE solution leads to a 50% decrease in curtailed renewable energy compared to the classical one.