Policy conditions for provision of AS

INCREASE partners Joanneum Research and University of Ljubljana have submitted an overview of the technical and regulatory issues the DSOs are facing when operating the system with the rising share of DRES. They are following up the current status of the boundary conditions for the provision of ancillary services from DRES, in particular from PV generation in different EU countries and the relevant experiences with policy making.

The key policy documents investigated include policy frameworks and grid codes, as they regulate the conditions for the connection of DRES and their operation in the distribution network. The surveyed industry landscape shows that while facing very similar technological issues of varying and volatile DRES generation output, the DSOs operate on quite different technical and regulatory conditions.

A paper about this research has been submitted and accepted for the PowerTech Conference 2015 by A. F. Gubina from the University of Ljubljana, A. Tuerk from Joanneum Research and G. Taljan from Energienetze Steiermark: Policy framework conditions for provision of ancillary services in a distribution network by distributed RES generation.