Preparation INCREASE field trials on-going

Once the developed control strategies (WP2) have been simulated in the simulation platform (WP3) and tested in the laboratory environments (WP4), they will be tested in the real life field. There will be four field trials across Europe: in Austria, Belgium, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

During the project meeting in Aachen, it was decided what would be tested and where, and what will be the different locations.

The field trial in Austria will take place in the network of the main administrative building of Energienetze Steiermark. This building is foreseen with 3 PV plants. Voltage unbalance mitigation in the local control will be tested here.

In Belgium the field test is located in an area with a high amount of renewables. Due to that, there is a big difference in the voltage level during day and night. This can be decreased by using an onload tap changing transformer (OLTC). The developed INCREASE control strategy for the OLTC will be based on external measurements and tested.

In Slovenia the field test is located in Suha, which is controlled by DSO Elektro Gorenjska. The developed INCREASE control will use an OLTC and controllable PV inverters to control the voltage profile. The test plan is designed to test three types of control: only local control of OLTC, only local control of PV inverters and coordinated control of OLTC and PV inverters.

In the Netherlands the field test is located in Zutphen (holiday park Bronsbergen). The overlaying MAS control which uses communication will be implemented and tested here. The fair power sharing algorithm together with the local droop control will be used to control the voltage. In this field trial congestion management at MV/LV transformer will also be tested.