The Netherlands

Liander a Dutch independent grid operator and is responsible for maintaining and expanding the gas and electricity grids in about 35% of the Netherlands. It is also responsible for the distribution and transportation of electricity and gas for anyone who wishes to produce or receive it. The electricity grids and gas networks are situated in the provinces of Friesland, Gelderland, Flevoland, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland.

Mastervolt a Dutch company with a unique dedication: provide conversion and storage technology with the highest efficiency. Mastervolt is a leading company in the development of conversion components of electrical energy. Company products are applied not only in the field of grid connected PV, but also for autonomous power systems in the marine and mobility markets.

The Dutch Eindhoven University of Technology a leading university that focuses on fundamental/strategic technological research relevant to industrial and other applications. The Electrical Energy System (EES) group has a strong research line on Smart Grids, focusing on design and operating methodologies for future electricity delivery systems, with special emphasis on smart autonomous distribution networks and their interaction with the upper level as well as connected customers.