The Power Systems Laboratory (PSL)

...will carry out the work and research within INCREASE. The PSL has a long experience in research and development of power systems, renewable energy sources, electric power and consumption control, environmental impacts from power generation, applications of Information Technologies and energy efficiency. Their expertise in power systems analysis, simulation of transients and dynamics, power line communications, power quality and smart grids will be their main contribution to the project.

ILPRA SA (Ielektronikes Pragmatopoiseis AE)

 ... was founded in 1985 to design, manufacture and sell power electronics. ILPRA is located in northern Greece and is ISO 9001-2008 certified for all of its operations. ILPRA has in-house facilities to rapidly produce electronic board prototypes and also a full SMT line for small and medium series production. Recently, ILPRA also undertakes specialized industrial automation and embedded controller solutions for various international clients. ILPRA will undertake the design and manufacturing of the 3-phase inverter systems that will be tested in the Austrian test bed.