Related Projects

  • The participation to joint collaboration sessions during major internal conferences of individual projects.
  • The invited attendance of project coordinators to the Advisory Board meetings of other projects.


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Market driven architecture in Smart Grids to enable active distribution solutions through heterarchical organisation structures



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Redesigning roles and responsibilities for future Smart Grids and ensuring support to transition to new operational framework


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 Active distribution networks for large-scale penetration of renewable distributed generation and energy efficient appliances



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Designing new control strategies and advanced ancillary services for enhanced penetration of renewable energy sources


The main objective of DISCERN is the enhancement of European distribution grids with technical and organisational solutions for the optimal level of smart grid intelligence.



The main objective of this project is to design new planning rules and operational principles for the optimal integration of EV for different network topologies and with different levels of DER penetration such as PV, wind and solar energy and micro CHP.