Expected Results

These are the expected results in a nutshell:

• Development of 3-phase inverters for renewable generation units with variable set-point, including their local control.

• Development of a multi-service/objective distributed control system which provides a global optimization for the whole distribution grid.

• Development and implementation of an ICT system architecture to realize the aforementioned control strategies in an operational DSO network.
This system has to include the following functionalities:
- Load and production forecasting.
- Optimal planning of local controller settings.
- Optimal planning of regional controller settings.
- Optimal planning and operation of provision for balancing energy to TSO.
- Optimal planning and operation of DSM.

• Development of a simulation toolset to thoroughly analyze the INCREASE control strategies.

• Lab-scale and real-life validation of distributed control offering ancillary services.
The validation will be done in the simulation platform, but also by lab tests in the experimental grid infrastructure of Lemcko, Ghent University,
and in three field trials in the real-life distribution network of Stromnetz Steiermark in Austria, of Elektro Gorenjska in Slovenia and of Liander in the Netherlands.

• Design of market and regulatory framework for share of responsibility, cost and benefits.

More information about the INCREASE expected results can be found here.