To meet the European 20-20-20 targets, the share of renewable energy needs to be 20% of the electric energy demand in 2020.
This ambitious objective can only be met if the number of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) at the low voltage (LV) electric distribution grid will significantly increase and large wind or solar plant farms will be installed at the medium voltage (MV) level.

The significant rise in distributed renewable energy sources is placing an enormous burden on the secure operation of the electrical grid, impacting as well the transmission (TSOs) as the distribution system operators (DSOs).

Five scientific and eight industrial partners are participating in the new ambitious research project INCREASE ("Increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources in the distribution grid by developing control strategies and using ancillary services") which aims to solve these problems with innovative three-phase grid-connected inverters and new operational and control strategies in order to maintain the ability of the system to provide the consumers with reliable supply of electricity at an acceptable power quality level.

The aim of the project is to develop control strategies, test them and assess options to provide ancillary services.