A brief insight into Slovenian field trial

The project INCREASE is slowly coming to an end, but some very interesting and important activities of the project are still running, for example network field trials, which are meant for validation of the INCREASE solutions in real distribution networks of European DSOs. Slovenian field trial is being performed by Elektro Gorenjska. The network selected for the INCREASE field trials is located in the village Suha, near Kranj.

The pilot network of Elektro Gorenjska is a nice example of rural cable low voltage network with high penetration of the PV, therefore it was decided that the INCREASE solutions for provision of adequate voltage profile will be tested there, namely OLTC control algorithms and INCREASE local control for prevention of over-voltages via curtailment of PV generation.

Since the early beginning of the project, a lot of activities have been performed by Elektro Gorenjska and other INCREASE consortium partners in order to establish the necessary conditions for the field trial:

  • Implementation of the network analysers and infrastructure for remote collection of the measurements
  • Implementation of the state of the art integration and communication server (Sipronika Unifusion) for integration of measurements, remote communication with network automation devices and data access and visualisation
  • Simulations of the pilot network operation, performed by AUTH
  • Development and implementation of the OLTC control algorithm, performed by TU/E
  • Installation and commissioning of the very first distribution transformer in Slovenia, which is equipped with On-load Tap Changer (OLTC) for automatic voltage control in low voltage network
  • Modification of the three-phase 22 kW PV installation in order to simulate local control for mitigation of over-voltages (PV curtailment using droop control), the necessary equipment was developed and provided by the project partner ILPRA
  • Coordination of activities, performed by KORONA and UGENT

So far, most of the commissioning and testing activities have already been performed, all systems and equipment are running good, however some final settings are still required to complete the field trial. The OLTC control algorithm, developed by TU/E has already been tested and it showed some very nice results.

The INCREASE consortium visited the Suha pilot network, during the latest project meeting in Kranj. The picture above is the new transformer station, established as a part of the INCREASE project, while the pictures below present the selected 22 kW PV installation and ILPRA’s equipment for curtailment of the PV production in order to prevent over-voltages.

In the coming weeks, the remaining field trial scenarios will be tested. The results of Slovenian and other field trials will be further presented on the final conference of the project INCREASE on the 11th and 12th of October in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To follow the progress and results of Slovenian and other INCREASE field trials, please check the INCREASE web site and future newsletter.

You can download the report here.