INCREASE presented @ Austrian Smart Grids Week 2016

INCREASE was presented during this year’s Smart Grids Week in Linz, Austria (May 9th to 13th 2016).

The theme of the 2016 Smart Grids Week was Decentralized Digital Energy Systems, thus beside smart grids also synergies with decentralized home systems for electricity storage and challenges at increasing e-mobility were focused. The conference took place in the building of Linz AG in Linz, Austria. Two project partners, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH represented by Daniel Steiner, and Energienetze Steiermark, represented by Gregor Taljan disseminated INCREASE results and discussed with representatives of TSOs/DSOs, technology providers and science about different approaches of intensified integration of renewables into the electricity grid.

More information about presentations and posters is available on this website .