Status of the INCREASE control implementation in the EG grid

In the past couple of months huge progress has been made in the implementation of the INCREASE control algorithm for the upcoming field trial in the Elektro Gorenjska grid in Slovenia.

In the beginning of February different consortium partners (Korona, Elektro Gorenjska and the Technical University of Eindhoven) with the help of SCADA implementator Sipronika agreed on the algorithm for controlling the On-Load Tap Changer Transformer (OLTC) and additional fail-safe mechanisms. Apart from that the Communication and Data Exchange protocols have also been discussed to implement Data Exchange services. The OPC attributes with read and write access to the Java based control algorithm have been defined accordingly. Sipronika implemented additional attributes in the OPC server which will serve as read or write functions for the JAVA program.

The Technical University of Eindhoven finalized the software development of the JAVA control algorithm during the last month, including the implementation of fail-safe controls/watchdogs.

The first fail-safe control is a 1/0 flipping ping which acts as an on-line monitoring system for checking whether the connection is live. The second fail-safe control is a Boolean to check whether the measurement data are available. The control program is now running online from Eindhoven. Engineers in Eindhoven will regularly login to the computer to find possible programming bugs, while the operator at Elektro Gorenjska will check whether the suggested tap position is logical.

More news about the INCREASE field trials will follow soon on this website!