With technology transforming the way we are living, currently there is a trend towards a self-supply of the electricity consumers. Following this trend would enable you, the consumer, to produce electricity from your own rooftop PV power plant and consume it yourself or feed it into to the grid. By adjusting the flexible consumption time-patterns of your electrical devices, you can benefit from cheaper electricity supply. In the long term, this will bring you direct benefits such as a lower electricity bill and indirect benefits, such as more renewable electricity in the grid that lead to less air pollution in your region or your country and sustainable development.

But, you cannot always implement new solutions alone, but need other market actors to create value added together with you. These actors include for example aggregators that can pool the flexible electricity demand of large numbers of households and provide optimized flexible energy products to the market to reap the benefits and share them with their partners – the customers.

The project INCREASE aims to offer innovative technical but also software solutions for a higher PV penetration and more targeted flexible demand schedules. INCREASE puts them into the context of the market chain, enabling you to reap economic benefits from the new solutions.