First results from the Lemcko lab tests

Ghent University is testing the INCREASE Local Control Strategy in the Lemcko laboratory in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Labo Lemcko has a complete build out test platform. The picture below shows what the labo looks like.


The test platform consists of 18 buildings, which also means 18 electrical cabinets.


The chosen grid topology for the INCREASE Local Control tests is the following:

The grid is fed by means of a free programmable power source which is a 240kVA analogue amplifier.

The cable parameters are listed in the table below.


At node 1, 3 and 13 a linear single-phase load of 1.6kW was connected to create the unbalance. The INCREASE inverters are connected to nodes 1, 2 and 9 with an exchanged power of 1.2kW per inverter. For the first test for safety reasons, the nominal voltage was 110V.

The experimental validation comprised three different test cases: (1) a case without inverters and only loads; (2) a case where the inverters were equipped with the classical positive-sequence (PS) control and (3) a case where the inverters were equipped with the INCREASE Local Control strategy. The results are depicted in the table below.