INCREASE lab tests Kortrijk started

As of October 2015 onwards, the lab tests of the INCREASE inverters in Kortrijk, Belgium, have started.

In these lab tests the programmable power source will be used. A radial topology (most common in Low Voltage feeders) will be used. 

For the voltage unbalance mitigation case a total load of 12kW will be connected to the grid, 3kW will be connected to nodes 1, 4, 6 and 8. They will all be connected to phase a to create unbalance.

For the other cases, the loads will be connected via a three-phase connection and only to nodes 1, 8 and a constant power source of 4kW will be connected via a three-phase connection to node 8.

The INCREASE inverters will be connected to node 1, 7 and 10 and will be alternatively equipped with the droop control, the voltage unbalance mitigation control, the local control and the overlaying control.

Voltage unbalance factors will be calculated for BAU and are compared with KPIs of the test case, by calculation of absolute and relative difference. The same calculations will be done for the current unbalance factors.

Below is a picture of the developed INCREASE inverter.