INCREASE Mid Term Conference in Eindhoven

During the PowerTech 2015 conference organized in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from June 29th until July 2nd 2015, also the INCREASE Mid Term Conference took place.

The special session of the conference entitled “Facilitating the transition to DSOs with high RES penetration - How to face voltage problems in low and medium voltage grids?” was organized on the 1st of July 2015.

The focus of the INCREASE mid-term conference was on the state of the art enhancing voltage control in low and medium voltage grids. Chaired by Prof. G.K. Papagiannis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Prof. A.F. Gubina  (University of Ljubljana), the special session hosted presentations from five European projects (INCREASE, evolvDSO, IDE4L, DREAM and IGreenGrid) presenting innovative solutions and also initial results of their demonstrations in real-life and simulated environments. The speakers from seven countries delivered inspired presentations, engaging the audience and sharing their views and experience with them.