INCREASE kick-off conference around the corner

On the 2nd and 3rd of December the first INCREASE conference is organized. During this 2 day meeting in Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, Belgium, not only INCREASE items will be discussed, but also other projects will be presented.

We want to exchange experiences and know-how with all the participants. As it is too soon to present any INCREASE project results, we plan to give a short presentation about the project. Project partners from related EU projects (DREAM, EvolvDSO and IDE4L) will also attend the conference and present their project. During the conference we want to share our concepts, selected trials and scenarios. We also want to exchange ideas about the following topics:
- Existing methods,
- Technical problems,
- System requirements,
- Pan-European DSO grid codes for DRES integration.

For more information about the agenda and contact data, check our event page.