INCREASE kick-off conference a success

On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2013 Ghent University hosted the kick-off conference of the INCREASE project. Not only the INCREASE partners were invited to this event, but also other stakeholders were present, which led to very interesting discussions from different points of view.


The conference was organized in cooperation with Smart Grid Flanders. This Flemish organization hosted an international conference about smart grids. As both the target publics were similar it appeared the perfect opportunity for a cooperation.

On the 2nd of December the International Smart Grids Conference was organized and a technical meeting of INCREASE. The 3rd of December was completely dedicated to the exchange of know-how, experiences and ideas between the different european projects part of the 2013 FP7 - smartcities call. These projects are INCREASE, evolvDSO, IDE4L and DREAM.

While INCREASE focusses mainly on increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources into the grid, the other projects have different objectives. EvolvDSO wants to define a new role for the DSOs, also encompassing planning, operational scheduling, real-time operations and maintenance. The development of an ideal grid for all, enabling clean and reliable energy for the future, is the main aim of IDE4L. Within DREAM they want to build and demonstrate an industry-quality reference solution for DER aggregation level control and coordination based on available ICT components.

The conference was a success. Many ideas and thoughts were shared, solutions suggested and decisions for the future taken. The first contact between the different projects is now established and will be continued in the future.

For more information about IDE4L and DREAM, please check their websites:
- IDE4L: