INCREASE present at local conferences in Belgium

As awareness around the project INCREASE is increasing, a lot of requests from belgian organisations were send to Ghent University to present the project.

On November 20th 2014 two interesting events take place in Flanders where INCREASE will be present. One of them is the workshop ’Integration of renewable energy’ organized by ODE (Renewable Energy Organization) in Brussels. In this workshop the role of flexibility and adjusted market mechanisms for an optimum integration of renewable energy sources will be discussed. During the lunch break there will be poster sessions. INCREASE will be presented during this poster session.

The other event is the workshop ’Power Quality challenges in the grid of the future’ organized by Ghent University Lemcko in Kortijk. This workshop focuses on energy suppliance. How can we align the offer and demand of energy? What will the electricity grid of tomorrow look like? Will energy buffering and storage become the challenge of the future? All these topics will be tackled during the workshop where also INCREASE has a slot.