P/V droop control presented at CIRED 2015

UMons, Belgium, in cooperation with Ghent University submitted a conference paper for the CIRED 2015 conference in Lyon this June 2015. The paper is titled "Probabilistic assessment of P/V droop control of PV inverters".

This paper describes the study that evaluates the performance of the Voltage Based Droop (VDB) control in mitigating overvoltage due to photovoltaic units (PV) in Low Voltage (LV) networks. The benefit of this primary control of PV inverters, with respect to the on-off oscillations, the voltage level and the captured energy in LV networks, has been already demonstrated with deterministic "worst case" approaches on small networks and for restricted time periods. These approaches do not consider the intermediate network operation states but only the extreme ones (lowest expected consumption - highest PV generation) and they often lead to over dimensioned and costly technical solutions. In this paper, the P/V control (implemented in the VBD control) is evaluated with a probabilistic analysis framework that considers the time fluctuation of the PV generation and of the voltage at the MV/LV transformer as well as the randomness of the consumption loads.

This paper is authored by Vasiliki Klonari, Jean-François Toubeau, Zacharie De Greve, Jacques Lobry and François Vallee (UMons), and Tine Vandoorn and Bart Meersman (UGent).