INCREASE on the Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED 2015 conference

The Slovenian CIGRE-CIRED society has organized their traditional biannual Conference of the Slovenian Electric Power Engineers. The 12th CIGRE-CIRED conference took place in Portorož, Slovenia, from May 25th until May 27th 2015.

Organized in four parallel session tracks, several sessions covered the topics related to INCREASE and therefore of particular interest for us. In particular the papers in CIGRE SC D5 and CIRED SC5 sessions focussed on the smart grid applications in distribution networks, and several papers discussed the impact of distributed renewable energy sources on the system operation and applications of voltage control in the distribution system. Tomi Medved of University of Ljubljana presented a paper entitled “The renewable energy sources support policies and their impact”, outlining the Slovenian developments and comparing them to relevant experiences in the EU.